Lindisfarne Gospels Garden
Silver medal winner at Chelsea 2003
Silver medal winner at Chelsea 2003

Dr David Bellamy commenting on the Lindisfarne Gospels Garden In 2003 Newcastle City Council celebrated a very special occasion. Head of parks & and gardens, Stan Timmins, had a unique idea for a garden design based on the 7c Lindisfarne Gospels. Entered into the Chelsea Flower Show, his brainchild won a much covetted Silver Medal for its excellence.
Reardos and Canon Tables Centrepiece in the rear of the display is the Reardos, with the cannon tables placed at either side. Cleverly merging 'the old with the new', the reardos is visible through an arch depicting the famous 'Rainbow Arch' to be seen within ruins of the 11c Benedictine Priory on the Island.
The Proclamation Pillar A proclamation pillar, headed by the cross of the 6th Bishop of Lindisfarne (St.Cuthbert), is a key feature at the front of the display. On each of the four faces, raised lettering in latin proclaim and glorify the seasons of the year.

Chelsea Flower Show - Winners Silver Medal
Prestigeous Silver Award
Fabulous Gardens
Beautifully laid out garden. Year round beauty
Fabulously stocked decorative beds.

Gospels Garden now on Lindisfarne
Convinced that the Gospels Garden should live on after Chelsea, Stan drew Stan Timmins and Son hard at work
the attention of the Island's Community Development Trust to the possibility of reassembling the garden on the Island. Grants were successfully obtained and the garden is now under construction in the village high street, just opposite the Lindisfarne Heritage Centre.
Stan's help has been enlisted to manage the project. He and son Liam can be seen above putting in the initial touches. Foundation Work
Left: with fencing in place and trenches underway the garden is taking shape.
As a showpiece to the wealth of talent in North Northumberland it is hoped that local crafters will substitute the currently prefabricated structures with examples of their work.
Free entry is planned however, a core of volunteer helpers is being sought for help in the future maintenance of the garden.


At last! After months of careful planning and downright hard work the Lindisfarne Gospels Garden is officially open. After much advance publication on BBC Radio Newcastle, the hour long ceremony was carried out live on air. The opening pronounced by Lady Rose included a dedication by Br. Damian and was extremely well attended by villagers, islanders and passing tourists alike. The garden promises to be of long-term benefit to us.

The Opening Ceremony

Grateful thanks to Dick and the Holy Island Community Development Trust for their tremendous effort in securing not only project funds but also negotiating lease of the land and associated planning permission. Last but by no means least a special mention for Stan Timmins for sharing his brainchild with us. Without Stan the venture would not have been possible. Thank you also 'Northumberland Strategic Partnership' and 'Local Lottery Initiative' for providing the funds vital to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

A very well attended opening ceremony

Our vicar, Br.Damian, dedicating the garden

Stan Timmins and Cllr. Dick Patterson live on Radio Newcastle


Gospels Garden Sign Holy Island Community Development Trust would like to thank Stan Timmins and Newcastle Council for their valuable assistance in the realisation of the Lindisfarne Gospel Gardens on behalf of the village and the numerous future visitors who will enjoy the fruits of their work. We would also like to thank both the Northumberland Strategic Partnership and Local Heritage Initiative without whose funding the realisation of this project would not have been possible.

Local Heritage Initiatice Northumberland Strategic Partnership


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